Audits & Accounts


Perhaps inappropriately, auditing has reduced significantly in recent years, seen by many, especially in Government, as unnecessary ‘red tape’ and very costly, (we don’t necessarily agree with this general perception).

  • Statutory work
    Where a company is over a certain size.
  • Shareholder request
    Where shareholders, usually a minority shareholder not actually involved in the company, requests an audit.
  • Shareholder/Director request?
    Where active shareholders or Directors require a little more comfort with their year-end accounts or perhaps a lender to the company has made it a stipulation.
If you are interested in having your company audited then we can tailor it to your specific needs. Please get in touch and one of our Audit team will be happy to assist you.
In our experience, Clients want/need accounts prepared because they are interested in the day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year profitability of their business, or because they recognise the need to fulfil their statutory obligations.

For the first category of Client, we will always be as actively involved as you wish and will give you all the benefit of our experience.

For the second category, we recognise that we need to ‘justify our existence’ rather more – we always do this with tax mitigation ideas.

Either way it is a matter of our professional pride that the costs of our services are always covered by timesaving and/or cost savings (especially taxation).