Easy Excel Bookkeeping

Easy VAT

If you are VAT Registered, eezebooks will make sure the figures you send to HMRC are correct.

No new software

Because eezebooks is written in Excel, you haven’t got to install any new software or learn anything complicated.

Worry Free

We’re always here to provide free support, so should you have any questions you can get a quick clear answer.

Get going now

Get eezebooks now and start making your life easy.

eezebooks are the best Excel based spreadsheets out there to keep your books correctly. Whether you are VAT registered or not, on the flat rate or annual scheme, eezebooks will make sure your figures are correct.

Invoicing made simple

Recording your sales is arguably the one of the most important parts of your business. That’s why we’ve made doing it super-simple. One line for each invoice is all it needs – just enter the customer name, date and amount and eeZebooks will do the rest for you.

Track your purchases

eezebooks keeps a track of your purchases, allowing you to easily analyse them out by category. Using eezebooks powerful features you can easily see exactly how much you have spent, and on what, each quarter.

eezebooks is packed full of useful tidbits like this to help you remain in control of your businesses finances.

VAT – just one click

If you are a VAT registered business you appreciate that there are many rules and complications with VAT. At the end of the day you probably just want to know how much you need to pay (or are due back!) and that your records are kept in order.

That’s why eezeBooks provides a ‘no-click’ vat return. Every time you make an entry your VAT Return is automatically and immediately updated, and will produce a template for you to simply copy the figures into your HMRC online VAT return – simple