Paper Based Cash Books



No screens or wireless devices, just good old fashioned paper!


Get tecsbooks now and start making your life easy.

Cash Accounting

A comprehensive business guide and records book.

Small Businesses

Ideal for Small Businesses – Sole Trader, Contractors: FREE Support

Tecsbooks are comprehensive paper based cash books. Designed for small cash businesses such as pubs, shops, subcontractor, beauticians etc.

Assisting small businesses

Tecsbooks have been specifically designed to assist the small business-person keep their books and records, simply and efficiently. They are an excellent way to help keep your business records in good order.

Record keeping

This book is not just to record your expenses, receipts and mileage but also a guide containing helpful information, examples, checklists and forms to aid your year-end and make sure that nothing is missed.


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We strongly recommend that you use the services of an Accountant, as they will prepare accounts more readily acceptable to HM Revenue & Customs. To ensure you receive the best possible service and advice, please contact us.